The Coolest White by Ben van Berkel UNStudio

Cooling down the planet with paint

Our cities are
getting hotter
and hotter
Our cities are
getting hotter
and hotter
The coolest white

Urban Heat Island Effect

Today 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. The United Nations expects this amount to increase to 68% by 2050. The use of dark building materials for buildings and streets, the lack of green spaces and exhaust from air-conditioning together cause a boiling effect.

We can cool down our cities with a paint that reflects sunlight.

The Coolest White is a prospective design solution

Ben van Berkel – Founder & Principal Architect UNStudio

Our buildings face increased pressure from wind, heat and rain. We need to come up with design solutions that can accommodate our overheated urban environment.

The Coolest White has a high total solar reflectance

The Coolest White is a coating system with very high total solar reflectance (TSR), which ensures the substrate heats up less and radiates less heat. Thus this innovation actively fights against the Urban Heat Island Effect by reducing the temperature inside and outside of buildings.

The Coolest White is
ultra durable

Based on ultra-durable fluoropolymer (FEVE) technology The Coolest White ensures proper results for decades.

The Coolest White has a high abrasion resistance

Surfaces exposed to the open elements suffer. Abrasion weakens the protection and the TSR. The Coolest White excels with an intensified abrasion resistance.

The Coolest White serves a higher purpose

Lionel Schlessinger – Owner & CEO Monopol Colors

Our planet is facing huge challenges. Our common action and responsible care is required to save the only world we have. And it is high time to do so.

Let's act